Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more Lemos Victory!

André has two MORE shows opening this coming weekend:
"Tex not Mex" at Meme Gallery in Denton Texas (curated by Nevada Hill).


"Pterodactyl In a Jar" at Espaço JS em Nisa, Portugal (I think this might be a good link).

VICTORY! Vitória !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Einspruch = VICTORY!

Franklin's great show "The Talk That Walked" has a reception tonight in Miami:
For this exhibition, artist Franklin Einspruch has created a series of images, drawn in ink on paper, that together create a set of narratives relating to specific excerpts of great poetry. He works in webcomics, in a manner that finds inspiration in the poet-painter tradition of Japan and China, but taking cues from contemporary American life. These sequential images take the form of multi-directional narratives tying lines of poetry to ordinary human stories, eliciting new interpretations of the verses. Drawing excerpts from diverse sources--ancient, contemporary, and in between--the works constitute an installation-scale collection of short stories, told with both pictures and words, that require the movement of the viewer to read. An accompanying website documents the installation and allows viewers off-site to go through the exhibition virtually, view source texts, and see background information behind the installation.
The website he made for the show is grand, as is the work:

On his also grand Journal he recently wrote a bit about and posted some images of Leaf and Signal:

Another image - I recently delivered the piece Newbury Street to the collectors who bought it out of the show:

I added the paper strip. And you can see the edges of a little book Franklan made of the piece in the LaS book.  More on that later once it's offically released.

To finish this all-Franklin post I want to mention what a pleasure it was having him visit and stay with my family for a few days.  He's a courteous and thoughtful guest and game for most anything my crazy family could come up with. He bought me a book on Zen. He met with some of our pals. He stayed up late talking with me. He played with the kids:

(he's up in the fort with Ginger) and he painted with us:

and he's welcome back anytime.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

LaS artists are BUSY with VICTORIES

André had a show open last week - see images here. VICTORY!

Franklin has an incredible show opening in Miami - see here.  VICTORY!

 Via the Little Paper Planes blog, Cafe Royal is having a pop-up library show soon - see here.  And scroll down the LPP blog to see all that they're up to. MANY VICTORIES!

Plus Geof keeps writing and making and Oliver gets ready for a show he's curating - with Craig and me in it.  VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY!