Friday, September 17, 2010

Geof Huth joins up

I mentioned a new mystery artist joining the show recently...  Actually there's a lot of artists not mentioned yet who are from the three publishers participating.  I've been working with Opuntia Books' files and there's a lot of great stuff in there with artists from all over. The same with Café Royal. Little Paper Planes sent a box full of prints from a long list of artists too. I'll do a big run down of ALL the names once we get closer to the opening.

We do have a new artist though... 

A couple weeks ago I asked Geof Huth (also see here) to be in the show. Geof is a visual poet who publishes his work both in small weird books and, quite literally, all over he place. For the show we'll have some great text-based pages from books he's done along with documentary images of work he's done in snow, steam, pollen and dust. 

Like the other "solo" artists in the show, Franklin Einspruch and Oliver East, Geof 's work has a very strong connection to his life and the places he goes. Years ago when I met him he showed me a book he keeps adding to - a dictionary of family expressions collected from his kids, his parents, everyone, all organized into a real working dictionary.  Reading it is seeing his family in a strange and unique cross-section and I still remember it as a great and powerful expression of his love for his family shown though his artistic interests.

I thought of him as a good example of another facet of this lo-fi publishing movement, one that comes from the poetry side into the visual.  Geof's work has as one of it's ancestors Apollinaire, so of course I'm all over it.

Next, back to how all this happened, with comics that aren't comics but are comics....

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