Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've held off on this last post for no real reason other than, I guess, I didn't want to write it - it means the show is over.

So the show was up and was great fun and then it had to come down. I went in on a Saturday night to kill it...

It was Oct. 30, the night before Halloween and some crazy things happened. A cat kept
watching me. There was a dude dressed as a wizard too.

So first, taking down the beautiful art. Sigh.

Abra cadabra!

I drank a sentimental favorite. I was on my own with a loud iPod, which was ok. It seemed
appropriate to do this by myself.






A cat came to visit.





The wizard left this weird lizard on the window.

The work down and all safe, I had to start sanding the walls. The wheatpasted art was
going to be just painted over but I needed to sand down the edges so they didn't show too

So sanding and scraping over all the lovely things. Sigh.

I finally got too tired to finish. The next day Greg came in, finished the sanding and
painted the walls. Thanks Greg.

Seeing the space all empty was weird. I spent so much time at the show - more than any
other show I've done or been in.

There's something fitting about a show that champions ephemeral DIY lo-fi art that itself
iss ephemeral, DIY and lo-fi. Sigh.

Next: Adios.

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