Friday, August 20, 2010

The Bridge

The show will be at The Bridge, "an accessible and dynamic venue for the exploration of the creative process, supporting the work of  artists and the greater community – working to bring people together through collaborative practices and programming in the art."


"AT A GLANCE; The Bridge is a small-scale non-profit arts organization housed in a 1200 sq. ft, brick building on the corner of Graves and Monticello in the neighborhood of Belmont, just south of downtown Charlottesville. As one local put it: “That big brick of chocolate adorned with a silver ribbon of smoke.”"

I've always really liked the crazy shows they have there and when the Executive Director Greg Kelly approached me last fall about curating a show I wanted to do something that fit both things that I was interested in and the mission of The Bridge. 

Here's a ton more images of shows and the space.  Also,

Andre painted a big crazy mural on the side of the building when he was here last year. See more and more.

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