Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How this happened pt. 1

Last year Greg Kelly of The Bridge asked me to curate a show.  I had worked with Pedro Moura on a show at another Cville gallery and it seemed to go pretty well so I said ok.

I wanted to think of something that both interested me and was along the lines of community-based art that The Bridge tries to foster. I really like how they show a lot of weird and sometimes challenging work but try to also include most everyone in Cville in it.  Buzzwords - outreach, community etc. Elsewhere I've seen this kind of thing turn out bland and lame but somehow they keep it strange and crazy.

So I came up with an idea to show "lo-fi" art publishing - basically art-zines, published both in print and online. Good work by artists I respect that is also generous, democratic and, at least as a side effect, intent on getting out into the world.  So much "outreach" work is bloodless but the stuff I saw people publishing in weird booklets and online wasn't. So I started making a list of folks.

Images: Andre LemosCraig Atkinson F. Einspruch

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