Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How this happened Pt 3

 First I got in touch with Craig at Cafe Royal and he reminded me of Little Paper Planes and Kelly Lynn Jones. LPP is another artist-run online store with books, prints, t-shirts and other strange items.  I've sold books and prints with Kelly before and thought having some of LPPs work in the show would be great.

The problem was the AMOUNT of stuff they have available.  So much of it is great and from a wide variety of artists from all over. I ended up asking her about the series of prints that LPP published themselves - most things they carry are made by the artists and just sold through LPP but they started up a series of books and prints that LPP commissions and sells. So I got to go shopping at LPPs print area.

These aren't books like most of the other work in the show, but I wanted to show some other ways of sending one's work out into the world and digital prints are good too*. I did a lot of printmaking in school and though I really value the handmade litho or etching, I think it's foolish to ignore the ease and cheapness of this way of working - like zines being an alternative to the precious handmade book.

"We are not your enemies
We wish to offer you vast and stange domains'
where mystery in flower offers itself to whoever wishes to pick it
there are new fires there and colors never seen"
      - Guillaume Apollinaire

I guess that could be the motto of the whole dang show...

Next - Comics that aren't comics but really are comics.

PS Kelly herself won't have any work in the show - she's busy getting ready for a solo show that opens when ours does.  I'm trying to get some work from her for the book I'm making - her work is really good.

*There's another way of getting work out - that's the next artist I thought of.

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