Friday, October 15, 2010

Hang hanged hung pt 1

It's lame that it's taken so long for me to write about the hanging and opening of the show, so here's a start...

The show before us was still leaving Monday, but I was able to look around and figure out where to put stuff. There was some variation in what I wanted from artists and what they were able to send, so I had to make some switches in placement from my original plan.

The biggest change was that instead of tacking up all the books pages, we decided to just wheatpaste glue them up. It was kind of a crazy moment whern Greg and I realized that wheatpasting wasn't going to be just the easiest way to hang the million pages - it was going to be the AWESOMEST way to do it, evoking street art and making an inviting lovely surface to look at and contrast with the original work hanging up.

Oh, and it was raining like CRAZY and the roof was leaking. Drips! I recorded them and I'll post that sound soon.

So Monday and Tuesday nights were spent figuring out where to hang stuff and then starting to put stuff up. I had tape-tabbed all the art sent to me earlier, so I had to do some math to even things out and started putting it up. First Craig, then Oliver, then André, then some of Franklin's. It was a little weird because I had to guess where the wheatpasting was going to go, but I drew and drew and figured it out, I hoped. When I went to bed Tuesday night I really wasn't sure how this thing was going to turn out...

Next, wheatpaste, a helper and bar-b-q.

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