Thursday, October 7, 2010

How This Happened Pt 6

André Lemos and his Lisbon-based Opuntia Books comrades were one of the first groups I thought of for the show. André was in the show I co-curated last year, showing his own work.  He even painted a mural on the side of The Bridge that is still up. BENNY LAVA!

André has a great commitment to making and publishing books. His own work has a living fluid line - a giant slap of ink that seems alive even when depicting something else. He also does inventive and crazy collages and we have examples of both kinds of work up in the show.

We also have lots and lots of pages from the books he's published.  Opuntia makes books that ate beautifully printed and presented while still being "lo-fi" and inexpensive. He has artists from all over (Finland, Italy, Brazil, France etc) and publishes their work in "no reprint!" editions. I really like how André and Opuntia keep their books atthat edge of cheapness but still beautiful products.

We have a limited number of Opuntia books for sale from a variety of his artists along with a bunch of André's original pieces.

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