Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review of "Leaf and Signal" in C-Ville

I met with Andrew Cedermark last week and had a great conversation with him about the show. This week he wrote a bit about it in his Feedback column in C-ville, another local weekly magazine:


Across town this month at The Bridge/PAI, “Leaf and Signal” is a different kind of sea of images. Unlike “Half Life” there is no riptide waiting to pull you under. It is yours to swim in, this placid bay of gorgeous of little mysteries.
Local artist Warren Craghead curated this show, which draws from the (apparently robust) world of D.I.Y. publishing, many of whose denizens are in Europe. “The work is close to their life, but not autobiographical in a dramatic way,” says Craghead, who himself contributes to these handmade, mostly Internet-distributed pamphlets.

One highlight: Oliver East, a Manchester-based artist who makes beautiful booklets about his travels along train tracks. His and many other tiny surprises are wheatpasted to the walls of The Bridge/PAI through the end of the month.
The main bit in his column is about Will May's great show up at PVCC here in Charlottesville - the same Will May who helped with hanging LaS. Victories!

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